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Beyond Freedom ! Ostrich Mobility Profile

Ostrich was born in 2007 out of our passion for innovations in mechanized mobility. It has grown quickly to establish market leadership in the electric wheelchair segment. Ostrich is completely driven by a distinct approach, one which focuses on superior, innovative, completely indigenous and highly personalized product.

The market leader in India in electric wheelchairs & Hospital Beds

OSTRICH, as a brand, has grown quickly to establish the market leadership in the electric wheelchairs & Hospital Beds segment.

Ostrich Mobilityis the market leader in India in designing and developing powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters, electric home care beds and electric hospital beds. Ostrich Mobility has the right blend of skills, tools, processes and systems to unleash various unique products to the market.

Ostrich Mobility is the only company in India that indigenously produces electric wheelchairs, which is suitable for Indian road conditions using its own unique and patented technologies.

Ostrich Mobility believes in designing wheelchairs that not only takes care of mobility but also provides independence and freedom to its users with optimum safety. Using our own unique and patented technologies, we have created feature-rich products in every category, which customers have come to rely on and accept as an integral part of their lives.

The most innovative and revolutionary suspension technology named “SPLIT Frame Technology”, provides comfort and safety in all types of road conditions. Automatic Wheelbase Adjuster is another innovation that helps the user to change the wheelbase based on the surface area and conditions, so that the manoeuvrability can be enhanced.

OSTRICH’s relentless focus on bringing innovations to the healthcare segment, resulted in bringing a new product line under the brand of Ostrich Intimate series, dedicatedly for high quality electric beds for home and hospitals in the year 2014. Ostrich Mobility’s innovations in hospital bed technology have brought the best of automatic beds. With the innovative technologies like Time to Bed and Rhythmic Vertical Shift, the hospital beds designed by Ostrich Mobility are the most affordable and reliable equipment.

Ostrich Mobility not only provides wheelchairs to individuals, but also offers a complete customized solution to airport, corporate offices, builders etc.

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