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Verve FX

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VERVE FX from Ostrich Mobility is a folding powered wheelchair designed for indoor and flat surface use. It can carry up to 242.5 lbs. and has a maximum speed of 4.039 mph. The wheelchair comes with five speed settings and comfortable seat with a cushion. It is easy to fold and fits into small car trunks. The wheelchair has safety features like keypad locking, fault and low voltage alarms, and an electromagnetic brake. It offers basic mobility and portability for daily use. Ostrich Mobility, as the number one high quality electric wheelchair supplier in 


provides onsite delivery and onsite service for this lifestyle wheelchair.

Key Features of VERVE FX from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • The Verve FX is a foldable wheelchair that is convenient to store and transport. It can fit into smaller car trunks, allowing users to take it along on trips and outings.
  • This powered wheelchair is deal for indoor and level surface mobility. It provides smooth movement on flat terrain, making it suitable for use within homes, offices, shopping centres, and other indoor spaces.
  • Safety is a priority, and the Verve FX includes features like keypad locking, fault and low voltage alarms to ensure secure operation. Additionally, this motorized wheelchair comes equipped with an electromagnetic brake to provide controlled stopping power.





Keypad Locking

Ensures the wheelchair stays locked and secure when not in use.

Call Alarm

Provides an alert system, possibly to attract attention or communicate with caregivers.

Fault Alarm

Alerts the user in case of any malfunction or issue with the wheelchair.

Reverse Alarm (on request)

Optional feature that signals when the wheelchair is in reverse mode.

Low Voltage Alarm

Notifies the user when the battery level is running low, preventing unexpected shutdowns.

Mobility Cut-off While Charging

Disables mobility functions while the wheelchair is being charged for safety.

Five-speed Selector

Allows the user to choose from multiple speed settings for comfortable manoeuvring.

Length Adjustable Joystick Control Unit

Can be adjusted for length and can be moved from left to right or vice versa.

Foldable, Angle Adjustable, and Removable Footrest

Provides flexibility and comfort for the user feet and allows for easy folding.

Wide Armrest with Height Adjustment

Offers a comfortable arm support, with height adjustment for a better fit.

Basic Seat with 2” Cushion

Provides a cushioned seating experience for enhanced comfort.

Removable Seat Backrest

Allows for easy cleaning and maintenance and helps in storing and transportation of the wheelchair easier

Removable Battery and Controller Setup

Facilitates easy folding and transportation.

Removable and Height Adjustable Calf Support

Enhances comfort and customization for different users.

One-Year Replaceable Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

Provides assurance for customers regarding the product quality.

Technical Specification

Technical Specifications


Load Capacity

110 kg / 242.5 lbs.

Maximum Speed

6.5 km/h (4.039 mi/h)

Speed Selection

5 speeds




Motor Power


Motor Speed

4200-4700 RPM

Gear Ratio




Permissible Gradeability

12 degrees

Drive Range

10-15 km per charge





(Puncture-free foam-filled rubber tires)

Front Tire Diameter X Width

200 mm X 50 mm / 7.87” x 2”

Rear Tire Diameter X Width

230 mm X 75 mm / 9.05” x 2.95”

Anti-tippers Diameter

33 mm / 1.2” solid





24V, 28Ah Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA

Charger Input

230/240V AC Single-phase

Charger Output

24V/5A DC




Overall Length (with footrest and tipper wheel at 90 degrees)

1110 mm / 43.70”

Overall Width

630 mm / 24.80”

Overall Height

930 mm / 36.61”

Overall Weight

70 Kg / 154.32 lbs.

Overall, Height (after removing backrest seat, armrest at lower position)

600 mm / 23.62”

Overall Width (when wheelchair is folded, Battery Box is removed

350 mm / 13.78”

Ground Clearance

75 mm / 3”

Turn Circle Radius

530 mm / 22.44”




Seat Depth

440 mm / 17.32”

Seat Width

440 mm / 17.32”

Backrest Height

400 mm / 15.74”

Backrest Width

440 mm / 17.32”

Seat Base Height from the Ground

600 mm / 23.62”

Frame Height (when seat removed)

540 mm / 21.26”

Arm Rest



Armrest Width

50 mm / 2”

Armrest Length

330 mm / 13”

Armrest Height Adjustment

220 mm / 8.66”

Armrest Width Adjustment


Foot Rest
  • Footrest Length: 180 mm / 7.08''
  • Footrest Width : 155 mm / 6.10''
  • Footrest Length adjustment: None
  • Footrest Angle adjustment: Up to 70 degree
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