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Galaxy AWA

Product Code: 002

Galaxy AWA from Ostrich Mobility is an advanced personal mobility device designed to help people with disabilities move comfortably and safety. It comes with unique technologies like Split Frame Chassis and Automated Wheelbase Adjuster, providing stability both indoors and outdoors. With features like adjustable seating, safely alarms, and punture-free tires, it offers a smooth and controlled ride. The Galaxy AWA is build to combine safety, comfort, and style, making mobility a breeze for users of all ages. Ostrich Mobility, as the number one high quality electric wheelchair supplier in


provides onsite delivery and onsite service for this lifestyle wheelchair.

Key Features of Galaxy AWA from the best power wheelchair manufacture in Bangalore
  • The Galaxy - AWA (Automated Wheelbase Adjustor) is equipped with a Split Frame Chasis, a cutting-edge technology that enhance stablity and manoeuvrability.
  • This Power wheelchair uses Automated Wheelbase Adjuster, through which, users can easily decrease or increase the wheelbase which eventually changes the turn radius. This feature provides added flexibility, allowing the user to optimize the equipment performance in tight interiors and tough outdoors.
  • The Galaxy AWA, an all-terrain wheelchair is designed with multiple safety alarms, including a call alarm, fault alarm, reverse alarm (optional), low voltage alarm.


Technical Specification

Technical Specifications


Load Capacity

130 kg / 286 lbs

Maximum Speed

9 km/h (5.59 mph)

Speed Selection

Adjustable knobs for speed selection




Split Frame Chassis (SFC)

Provides enhanced stability and manoeuvrability, suitable for tight indoor conditions and tough outdoor terrains.

Automated Wheelbase Adjuster (AWA)

Allows automatic adjustment of the wheelbase, providing added versatility and ease of use in tight interiors and in Open spaces

Call Alarm

Enables the user to activate an alarm for assistance when needed.

Fault Alarm

Notifies the user in case of any faults or issues with the equipment.

Reverse Alarm (on request)

Provides an audible signal when the mobility equipment is in reverse.

Low Voltage Alarm

Alerts the user when the battery voltage is low.

Keypad Locking

Prevents unauthorized use by locking the controls with a keypad.

Mobility Cut-off while Charging

Ensures safety during charging by cutting off mobility functions.

Auto Shut-off after 3 minutes

Automatically powers off the equipment after 3 minutes of inactivity.

Speed Selector

Allows the user to choose from five different speeds for optimal control.

Length Adjustable Joystick Control Unit

Can be adjusted in length and switched from left to right or vice versa for user convenience.

Foldable, Height-adjustable, and Angle Adjustable Footrest

Provides customizable foot support.

Wide Armrest with Height and Width Adjustment

Offers comfort and support for the arms.

Premium Seat with Headrest and Seat Belt

Ensures a comfortable and secure seating experience.

Foldable Seat

Allows the seat back to be folded for transportation or storage.

Seat Recline

The seat can be reclined up to 30 degrees in 6 steps for better comfort.

Seat Angle Adjustment

Provides flexibility for individual preferences.

Removable and Width Adjustable Calf Support

Offers additional leg support and adjustability.


Equipped with reflectors as per safety standards for better visibility.

Body Panels

Enhances the aesthetics and protection of the equipment.

Headlamp, Tail Lamp, Indicators, and Hazard Warning

Ensures visibility and safety during outdoor use.

One-year Replacement Warranty

Provides coverage against manufacturing defects for one year.






Motor Speed

5300 RPM

Gear Ratio




Permissible Gradeability

12 degrees

Drive Range

20-25 km per charge




Front Tire Diameter x Width

210 mm x 65 mm (8.26" x 2.55")

Rear Tire Diameter x Width

310 mm x 90 mm (12.20" x 3.54")


33mm (1.2") diameter solid





24V, 56Ah Sealed Maintenance-Free VRLA




230/240V AC Single-phase


24V/5A DC


Overall Dimensions


Overall Length with Footrest (at 90 degrees)

Adjustable from 1000 mm to 1100 mm (39.37" to 43.30")

Overall Width

650 mm (25.59")

Overall, Height

1300 mm (51.18")

Overall, Height after Folding the Seat

750 mm (29.52")

Overall, Weight

116 kg (255.74 lbs)

Ground Clearance

100 mm (4")

Wheelbase Adjustment

100 mm (4")

Turn Circle Radius

Adjustable from 460 mm to 560 mm (18.11" to 22.04")


Seat Features


Seat Depth

500 mm (20.86")

Seat Width

490 mm (19.68")

Backrest Height (without Headrest)

540 mm (21.26")

Backrest Width

460 mm (18.11")

Seat Base Height from Ground

580 mm (22.83")

Seat Sliding

180 mm (7")

Manual Seat Height Adjustment

70 mm (3")

Frame Height When Seat Removed

440 mm (17.32")

Arm Rest




75 mm (3")


360 mm (14.17")

Foot Rest
  • Length: 190mm /7.48”
  • Width: 350mm /13.77”
  • Length adjustment: 125mm/4.92”
  • Angle adjustment: Up to 90degrees
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