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How to choose the best Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds are used to treat immobile patients at hospitals and homes. There are many different and sophisticated beds available in the market right now and probably most consumers will be confused by the variety and most customers have to go through a lot of technical jargons in their brochures just to get a grip on a particular product.

So how can we choose the best from the rest? It’s simple!! Just consider the three C’s – Comfort, Convenience, and Control.


As the patient is supposed to use the bed for a long time, it should provide the best in class comfort to its users. Choose the bed by checking the material of the mattress, is it too soft? Or too stiff? , is it waterproof? Could it be moved in tune to the adjusting platform? Check those features before buying the bed.


Can the bed be moved easily? Is it too heavy? Will it fit right in your room? Can it be adjusted according to require height, Can the pillow frame be adjusted? Can the patient be transported to one point to the other in it?

If the beds fulfil those needs then it is marked as a convenient one.


Hospital beds usually come in two formats- Manual and automatic. In manual beds, the height is adjusted by using a crank while in automatic/electric beds a motor is used to do the same. The bed should offer its users total and easy control for its users then it can be considered for purchase.

Along with the above points, an ideal hospital bed should also have the following:

  • Safety:The bed should be safe enough and should not produce a feeling of entrapment for the patient.
  • Cost: The consumer should ask for the total cost of the bed including the price of the mattress, insurance cost, and availability of EMI’s. Also, check if the bed is available on rent basis.
  • Maintenance:Will the makers cover maintenance charges? Do they perform annual preventive maintenance? Should we pay up for the replacement of parts?
  • Aesthetical designs:The beds should be aesthetically designed so that it could match up with the interior. If the panels can be replaced according to the colour of the room, then it will be more appealing.
  • User-Friendly:Electric beds with simple remote control operations will be more appealing compared to the manual ones.

So create a checklist of the above features/requirements and get your hospital bed today.

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