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Amazing Health Benefits of Electric Beds

The electric bed is beyond any ordinary bed which allow you to adjust its upper and lower body positions using a remote control and adjust the height of the bed itself. They are useful for patients suffering from myriads of health complaints thereby increasing the comfort of the users. Many medical conditions can arise due to lack of sleep or uncomfortable sleeping positions, which can be relieved by using electric beds. Electric beds can act as a life saver for people suffering from poor mobility issues, swelling, chronic pains, respiratory conditions, acid reflux, heartburn etc.

Let us look at how electric beds help people with the above medical issues


Electric beds allow the users to control the sleeping positions and it is a great help for people with mobility problems, especially for those who live alone in such a condition. These beds help you to sit up or lie down and will support you when you sit on the bed. It will really improve the quality of life of persons with physical disabilities.

People with swelling complaints can reduce their pain and pressure by placing their limbs in a comfortable position on the electric bed. If you raise your limbs above the heart level, the pressure in this part of the body is reduced. Electric beds help you to sleep in such a position the whole night.


In people suffering from arthritis, joints are more tender and inflamed. Electric bed gives the perfect support to people with arthritis, erasing the pain. In certain electric beds, massage options are also available which adds to the comfort of sleeping in one. Massage in such beds is regulated using remote control which relieves you from the ache of sore joints.


Electric beds will help people with chronic pains to ease in and out of the bed every day. In ordinary beds, the sudden movements to sit up in the bed make chronic pains worse. Electric adjustable beds provide a variety of sleeping positions to relax and rest which is suitable for various ailments. If your upper back is sore, then you can elevate your legs using this innovative bed giving comfort to the aching body part.


When you sleep in an elevated position, it will help in smooth breathing alleviating the discomfort of people with respiratory disorders such as asthma, sleep apnoea etc. Adjustable electric beds are also helpful to people with allergies or a head cold. It will also decrease snoring as it mainly occurs due to blocked airways. The hospital beds of Ostrich Mobility are designed with innovative technologies like Time to Bed and Rhythmic vertical shift which provides optimal relaxation. These beds are safe, strong, affordable, user – friendly and classy.

The different types of fully automatic hospital care beds manufactured by Ostrich Mobility are:

  • Fowler bed
  • ICU bed
  • Dialysis bed with and without Trendelenburg position
  • Tilt table
  • Multifunction bed (for chemotherapy and blood donation)
  • Patient examination bed
  • Gynecology examination bed

So, get a good night’s sleep with Ostrich Mobility hospital beds and say goodbye to those sleepless times.

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