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About Ostrich Mobility

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Ostrich Mobility Instruments is a private limited company is dedicated to design affordable Personal Mobility Equipments (PME) in India and overseas. Company entered in the field of powered wheelchairs back in 2003, when first prototypes for indoor use were developed. In 2004 company launched two indoor electric wheelchairs, Verve 40 and Verve 100 with joystick and touch-pad for people with severe disability. Company entered in to outdoor mobility equipments in 2007 and introduced the first ever ALL TERRAIN ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR with SPLIT FRAME TECHNOLOGY (patent applied)

Ostrich’s innovations in mobility technology have revolutionalised electric wheelchairs. The ultimate happiness these equipments gives you is the result of continuous research and development by experts for the best mobility equipments. Use of the finest materials from trusted vendors helped to increase the reliability of the equipments.

Company filed three patents on various technologies invented for electric wheelchairs. These technologies will definitely help the electric wheelchairs more user friendly and cost-effective.
Under the global brand Ostrich, company now offers eight different models where its unique ideas and engineering solutions are combined in what is the most cost effective electric wheelchair on global market. 


  • We design and manufacture high quality products by following National and International standards with less time and deliver it to the customer at the right time. 
  • Our effort is to understand what customers need and meet their expectations immediately and effectively by efficient team work, persistent action and motivation. 
  • We give excellent after sale service and value for their money for our esteemed customers, by continuous improvement programmes and by upgrading the product with latest technology.
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